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Talk.an excellent electrical appliance brand was founded2016Years,Founded at the beginning of the dream is to create Chinese own brand,Go the way of self-improvement,Talk.an excellent companies know of prospective is brand development,Research and development and market research team,To focus on the electrical appliances product and market a full demonstration,Listed on the new products before the coinsurance after-sale system to achieve cooperation with China,To lay a solid backing for sales work。Talk.an excellent companies know that quality is the brand to survive,Choose domestic first-class enterprise as their strategic partner,With a number of well-known brands to the next step and upgrading of products to promote。Air conditioning products with good air conditioning.Of hot and cold loud slogans are popular with consumers and sought after,First year of success in air conditioning black star。 Company workshop covers an area of about2Million square meters,The company specializing in the production of air conditioning,Take the quality as the core,The price for the breakthrough,Build a good air conditioning in China,Superior quality low price quickly occupy the market。 Two fundamental point is refers to the marketing strategy、The traditional route is a brand agent,In the process of cooperation with our agent,Win-win development train of thought is put forward。To improve brand cohesion and visibility,In the industry to form a talk.an excellent effect,Two basic points in the development of the regional agent at the same time pay more attention to the development of the county market! Talk.an excellent will according to in the future

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Efficient international brand compressor

Choose efficient brand compressor,Special machine coil outside high temperature and high load function design,Using compressor in exceptional cases for protection in a timely manner,Let air conditioning core parts synchronously the stability of the international standard quality ,To ensure that the air conditioning energy efficient longer life。


Trapezoidal thread copper pipe

Using the third generation of trapezoidal thread tube,Compared with ordinary copper pipe and cold media have more contact area。And trapezoidal rifled tube cold media fierce flow in the pipe,Let the refrigerant sufficient heat exchange with steel pipe, Greatly improve the effect of the heat exchange of air conditioning

Brand motor  Fan motor

Use domestic well-known brand motor,Durable。Indoor and outdoor machine adopt the high-quality fan motor performance,Electrical diagram using pure copper wire winding point-to-point ability better,Which are characterized by their smooth operation,Strong and durable,Keep air conditioning saves the electricity,More quiet,Longer life。


Fan series

Using the consummate craft design and noise reduction technology,Greatly reduces the indoor、Time to produce a series of noise outside,The minimum down low22Db,Create a more natural、A more comfortable home environment。

Electronic expansion valve

The industry of today's control technology,Effective control of air conditioning refrigerant,Keep the air conditioning cooling rapidly,Accurate temperature control,Energy saving energy saving purpose 。

Strong hydrophilic aluminum foil Dry heat energy saving function

Produced by the third generation of manufacturing process faster and more lasting hydrophilic aluminum foil heat transfer effect。Hydrophilic aluminum foil,The evaporator has a strong drainage and discharge of oil properties。

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Companies adhering to the cooperation concept to create value for the customer,Like-minded people - and the world。
The six major advantage and support,Let us mutual benefit,Hand in hand!

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    American international stone exhibition and ceramic tile(Coverings)Is the world's stone material and ceramic tile kind professional international trade show,Is the communication between buyers and dealers,Is an indicator of stone material and ceramic tile。The main reception in North America、South America、European customers,Like Mexico、In the west...

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